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Skills Training

Practice,  Practice,  Practice 

Skills training is something we offer for those that maybe trying volleyball out for the first time, schedule won't allow travel and competing or just financial reasons. At a small price per month ($25 to $50) players will be placed at their skill level and will train and practice the same as the travel teams they just don't go to any tournaments.

Travel Teams

The right competition makes a better you

We offer opportunities for players to travel and compete in tournaments locally, regionally and nationally. We work directly with AAU and USA volleyball and are certified and licensed with both organizations. Local tournaments may consist of traveling anywhere from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Provo, Utah. Regional teams may travel anywhere from Boise Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada and our national teams can travel anywhere throughout the nation. We have competed in tournaments in Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Reno, California and Florida.  


Private Training

Personal training is offered by all our coaches. Some coaches specialize in certain areas. You can schedule all personal training through us. Our philosophy on to become a better volleyball player is to play as often as you can and as much as you can. To become a better athlete and a better volleyball player you need to add weights and conditioning. 

Srength and Fitness Training

Stronger,  faster,  higher

We want to spend as much of volleyball practice playing volleyball and getting reps on the ball. Our time is limited in the gym so we want to make sure we get quality volleyball time. We will be working with Next Level strength and fitness with those who are interested in getting not only better but stronger, faster and jump higher. Small group sessions will be offered at a time outside of volleyball practice.

Cross Fit Class

Mental Training

Strong mind,  Strong body

Mental toughness and training for an athlete is essential in any sport. We do have trained Personnel that can help with this however, we did not like to take practice time away from the athletes. One of the best books out there to educate an athlete on mental toughness is called "Mind Gym". We strongly recommend this book to all athletes and their parents. However, if you feel your child needs additional training please contact us to set that up.

A healthier, happier lifestyle awaits you. Contact me today.

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