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Playing at the next level

CVVC College Players

These are a few of our girls that have gone and played college. If there is someone that we may have forgotten please let us know!

2021 class_edited.jpg

2021 Class
Kaytlin Smart- Northeastern Colorado
Emma Mariscal-Weinert-Yakima College
Olivia Chadwich- Northwest College
Brinley Forsgren-Yakima College
Haley McUne- Utah State University
Kaitlyn Hiatt- Western Wyoming
Tawnee Tubbs- Kankakee College

2020 class.png

2020 Class
Shante Falslev-Northwest College
Paige Tuckey-Dawson College
Jordon Flippence-Central Wyoming
Kylee Painter-Casper College
Sabree Adams-Northwest College
Cedar Hopkins-Dawson College

2019 class.png

2019 Class
Ashlee McUne- USU Eastern/Utah State University
Mauri Wade-Treasure Valley
Tearsy Freeman-Yakima

2018 class.png

2018 Class
Jessica Whiteley-TVCC/SIUE
Julia Nartker-TVCC

cvvc alumni.png

Other Alumni who played on
Tiffany Morrill- Dixie State
Megan Collins-Dixie State
Rebecca Anderson- Utah State
Ann Fluckiger-College Eastern Utah
Candice Gunnell-College Eastern Utah
Amanda Firth-Blue Mountain

On to the Next Level: College
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